Why choose us ?


1. We are the #1 cultural homestay program in Africa

We’ve worked hard to earn this honorable distinction. Hosts are visited in their homes by our local representatives, shortlisted before selection, and educated about the program. We do not only offer you a bedroom and breakfast in the host’s home; we guarantee a complete cultural immersion.

2. All our hosts are handpicked to ensure a safe and amazing experience

Most homestay businesses register hosts in an automated way online. We’ve met face to face with all hosts in our program, vetted them for integrity and good morals, and made sure their police records are clean.

3. Our homestays are tailored to offer affordability, quality, and total satisfaction

We are promoters of cross-cultural exchanges. It is not all about money; we put you first. For these reasons, our offers are reasonably priced, offer great value for money, and a truly satisfying experience.

4. We are ourselves world travelers, and we know cultural travel

Our program was conceived and implemented by a world cultural traveler, giving it an edge over other homestay programs by regular business people. You are in good hands; we guarantee it.

5. Your host will treat you as a family member, not a client

With traditional homestay, your host sees and treats you like just another customer. There are little interaction and guidance offered. You just get the room to sleep in someone home. At EnjoyAfrica, we go above, and beyond that, you are treated like any other family member, have a deep connection and exchange with your hosts, and truly understand the local culture.

6. Hosts that genuinely care about you and are eager to share their culture

Our carefully selected hosts are friendly and caring people. They are passionate about connecting with travelers from around the world and sharing their rich cultures. Be prepared to be amazed by the authenticity of their nature and feelings.

7. You will know all the ins and outs, just like the locals

Being treated like a family member, not a client, your host will get you to experience first-hand the different aspects of the local culture and life. You will do things and go places you would have never known on your own.

8. Get an in-depth understanding of local cultures, traditions, and values

Benefit from discovering things and learning about them in a guided and direct approach. It ensures that you get a better understanding and appreciation of what constitutes the essence of the people and their way of life. Our cultural homestay is structured to truly let you see through the eyes of your local host.

9. You visit one country, but you discover all of Africa

Cameroon is famously known as “Africa in Miniature.” This reputation is credited to its uniquely diverse cultural heritage, impressively varied touristic resources, and an estimated 250 ethnics groups and as many dialects.

10. We offer free airport pick-up and drop-off, and free visa assistance

Last but not least, we provide free airport pick-up and drop off. We understand that traveling to Africa for the first time can be a little intimidating. Just fill out our Free Airport Pick-Up Request form. After booking your homestay, if you need assistance with your visa application, do not hesitate to contact us.